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September 6, 2011 / John Sieger

One In A Row

Click: One In A Row


A subcategory of TDJ songs: Ones that I wrote, recorded, lost the the lyrics which I can’t remember and can’t quite make out from the demo. I don’t know if this means I am mealy-mouthed as a singer or that the high end hearing loss, an almost unavoidable perc of being in bands for a lifetime, has made things more unintelligible. Both, I guess. Going on vibe alone, this song gets to me. I also like the title and sometimes that’s 90% of the appeal. Just voice and guitar today, if anyone can make out what I’m saying, please transcribe and send my way. I wouldn’t mind getting a better take of this, but I can’t really sing it without words! On another note, yesterday, after complaining of the difficulty of coming up with an illustration for my songs every day, it suggested to me that I just post something unrelated. That seems to me a brilliant solution. Illustrators can work to an assignmenbt, but they are trained to do that. I’m just a doodler at heart and pressure is the enemy of doodles. So starting today, if I don’t have a something that relates, I won’t let that stop me! We can just think of it as relevant in a slightly more twisty-turny way.

©  John Sieger

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