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Songwriting Workshops

New Clinic!

The next clinic will begin on Saturday, Jan. 8th. It will be another Songwriter’s Anonymous production clinic, in other words, we will be recording a song you have written. This will be the third annual — the results of the first two are being collected on a CD with this lengthy title:

John Sieger Presents:

Songwriters Anonymous Volume One

I’m Trying Very Hard Not To Hate You

It will contain ten songs recorded over the course of one year by some of my students. They run the gamut from songs about pot smoking grandfathers to the title song, which captures that annoying mood that descends upon you when you are waiting for someone you can’t stand to evaporate into thin air. There are love songs, friendship songs and a rouser called “Dick” that is a portrait of a bull in a china shop kind of guy. It is a very entertaining collection and you can be on the next one! The clinic will take place in my home home studio for six consecutive Saturdays and at the end, you will have a demo of your song with a great rhythm section, (Mike Sieger and John Carr) a lot of my guitar and keyboard noodlings with background vocals, if they are called for. You can learn a lot about songs this way, and have fun while you do it. If you are not on my mailing list, please email me: jsieger [at] or call 414-453-4343 for details.

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John Sieger has had his songs recorded by some amazing artists like Dwight Yoakam, Flaco Jimenez, Phil Lee, Robbie Fulks, The BoDeans, Jerry Harrison, Greg Trooper and a few others. He has been sharing his knowledge at a series of songwriting clinics in Milwaukee for close to ten years and helping writers at all levels get a little further down the sometimes twisty path that leads to good tunes. His methods are bearing fruit with a lot of writers who spent time attending to other things in life, like being doctors, teachers, lawyers and being generally competent and nice people. To participate in one of John’s clinics, please drop him a line: jsieger [at]

There was a very nice article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel last year. You can read about it here.

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