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The Subcontinentals

The Subcontinentals, John Sieger on guitar and vocals, Mike Sieger on bass and vocals, Kelli Gonzales on Vocals and occasional keyboards and John Carr on drums have just come off a very productive year. The release of their  debut recording “The Early Years” was met with solidly good reviews and their song, “The Continental Drift,” won 88nine Radio Milwaukee’s Earwig Of The Year. Basically, that means it bored into your skull, the way many of their songs do, and refused to be dislodged! After a quiet first half of the year, things are heating up with an opening slot at Summerfest for John Hiatt on July 3rd and other dates soon to be announced. There will be a follow up to “The Early Years” and, perhaps, another Earwig! Keep your ears to the ground.

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