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October 4, 2012 / John Sieger

List Of Bob Jennings’ Stolen Gear

Making music can be a mean enough business with out someone stealing all of your gear. Unfortunately, one of Milwaukee’s favorite musicians, utility man extraordinaire Bob Jennings, has had this rotten experience twice in the last three years. It happened overnight last night as thieves busted into his garage and took the tools he uses to make beautiful music. Today his Nord keyboard was recovered by the very alert staff at Record Head. That still leaves some pretty valuable stuff un-recovered. Here is a list of the stolen gear, with serial numbers. If you come across anyone trying to sell it, contact the police and try to do so discretely so that maybe we can nab the villains who did this.

SELMER MARK VI  TENOR SAX  # 125024 in a black zippered soft case; Otto Link #9 gold metal mouthpiece in case; Red Vandoren mouthpiece in case

Horn valued at $4500.00

Case: $200.00

Mouthpieces: $120.00 / $130.00

YANAGASAWA DORADO “600” BARITONE SAX  # 373992 in a J. Winter gray vinyl hard case; RPC hard rubber mouthpiece (handmade by Ron Coelho) in case;

Horn valued at $1200.00

Case: $200.00

Mouthpiece: $285.00


Peavey MK4 4 channel mixer/amp                                                                       $100.00


1 Sonic 15” speaker cabinet w/horn speaker                                                       $150.00

Red/Orange cube-shaped flight case ($100.00), containing:


 1. Roland sustain pedal                                                                                        $35.00


 2. 1 Baritone & 1 Tenor sax stands                                                                     $40.00/$15.00


 3. 4 Stereo instrument audio cables (2 are double cables)                                    $40.00


 4. 2 Audio direct boxes (bound together as one)                                                  $30.00 ea.


 5. Rectangular plexiglass (roughly 8’x15’) w/mic stand clip                               $25.00



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