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Semi-Twang released it’s first and only record, Salty Tears, on the Warner Brothers label in March of 1988. It received sterling reviews and is said by some to be one of the precursors to the alt-country movement. Despite high hopes and the involvement of three great producers (Mitchell Froom, Jerry Harrison and Chris Thomas), and a couple members of Elvis Presley’s band, (James Burton and Jerry Schef) the recording didn’t connect commercially. Almost two decades after their last gig together, Semi-Twang reunited at the urging of Peter Jest, who was celebrating twenty years at his club, Shank Hall. This was fitting, as Semi-Twang was the first band to play at that now renowned address on Farwell Avenue in Milwaukee. Their reunion on  November 6th, 2009 went so well they saw no no reason to stop. Their recent show at Summerfest on Milwaukee’s lakefront was captured by  a three-camera crew from Mindpool, a Milwaukee film production company, and recorded digitally by Chris and Josh Hanson for future release. The band is working on their second release, due later this year, and things are going swimmingly, which begs the question: Why not sooner? That would be hard to answer, but for everyone involved, it is sweet and very exciting. The names of those involved are Mike Sieger, on bass and vocals, Mike Hoffman on guitar and vocals, Bob Jennings on keyboards, accordion and vocals, Jason Klagstad on guitar and vocals and Bobby Schneider on drums. All of these members were there at the beginning and, having done a few amazing things since, are still feeling a sense comradery. It’s like great poker game that has gotten back together, which is fitting. Let’s hope this time luck is on their side.

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