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September 5, 2011 / John Sieger

I Wanna Be Your Driver

Click: I Wanna Be Your Driver


Dropping this title in the wrong search field (Google instead of TDJ) I was surprised to find Chuck Berry had a very similar title, I Want To Be Your Driver. Chuck gets the grammar points on his title. I vaguely recall the song, but I’m sure it’s great, he has very few that aren’t. This is from my scrap heap project Seven Deadly Sins. It has Phil Lee on drums again and I think I’m playing the rest of it. The idea was forward motion, trying to get the groove to speed down the highway. Wah wah and the Line 6 pod made for squinky guitar tones that feel like they are pasted on the windshield like bugs on a summer day. Bit of a double time rave on the fade, I think that was Phil’s idea, but we both stole it from the Yardbirds and they stole it from gospel. There’s nothing new under the sun, just recombined pieces of the greats. If you ever hear anything that is 100% original let me know. I’m pretty sure without a few familiar sonic signifiers you’d be stuffing cotton into your ears.

© 2011 John Sieger

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