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September 3, 2011 / John Sieger

Seven Deadly Sins

Click: Seven Deadly Sins


Wandering the wilderness is what I’ll be doing in about a week and I realize I was already there about ten years ago. During the PRETTY/UGLY song jag, a period I can’t quite put brackets on chronogically, I was trying to write myself out of a funk and some sort of spiritual crisis. While a lot of the PRETTY songs were written Mike Feldman, I was also tracking some more personal whack for UGLY (eventually named Seven Deadly sins). These songs could not be mistaken for wistful ballads, as those of you now lunging for your volume knob can now testify. I had seen something ugly on 9-11 and was responding the only way I could. Like our former leader, I think I may have over-reacted. Unlike him I didn’t invade any countries that had nothing to do with the attacks. It was a strange time, in case you’ve forgotten, give it another a week and you will be reminded. My secondary reaction after tracking this (with the amazing live wire Phil Lee on drums) was to dismiss the song as somewhat extreme. Time has helped me settle somewhere in the middle, I can hear the humor in it and I love the nasty guitar tones—a product of my then new Line 6 pod. I abused that little toy on this song and every other one on this project, but extremism in the pursuit of something or other is not a crime.

© 2011 John Sieger

NOTE: One week from today, TDJ will go on a short hiatus, or as my friend Tim Carroll liked to call it, I-hate-us. I will be traveling out west with my lovely wife, Linsey, and hope to return refreshed and inspired in early October to resume. I will try to stay in touch on Facebook and will occasionally re-post earlier blogs of some of my favorites. When we start up again, we will march in a straight line to number 366 and then have one year’s worth of TDJ. Beyond that lies something, but I haven’t decided what that might be. Any ideas? Let me know…

© 2011 John Sieger


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