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August 31, 2011 / John Sieger

If It’s Love You Need

Click: If It’s Love You Need

I have finished two maybe three projects in the last ten years that didn’t achieve the minimum standard I have set for a John Sieger release. That means, of course, you get to hear them here at TDJ. Lucky you! This one is  from a project I was calling PRETTY. The title says it all, lilting melodies, sentimental love songs, what have you. I had just one rule: Nothing ugly. Those songs were being reserved for another called UGLY that I fantasized releasing at the same time with identical pictures of me. High concept indeed—but also a little out of reach for me. I was playing producer, a hat I wear reluctantly, and had roped Mark McCraw, former BoDeans manager into helping me with the PRETTY part of the project. He has a great set of ears that I trust and also great taste—so the fact that this one came up short is all on me. I had something held a little bit in check and it manifests itself in a performance that feels a bit too low-key for me. Also, being the last thing I attempted on my old rig, it made me realize that I needed to kick it upstairs sonically. The next year I entered the very satisfying world of Pro-Tools. Michael Feldman was the man with the lyrics on most of PRETTY. This song couldn’t be more direct and, after a short break of a few years, I can now listen to it with a sense of perspective and some pleasure. It really is sentimental, but there is something sad and unrealized about it, too. Kind of like the project it was meant to be a part of.

© 2011 John Sieger


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