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August 29, 2011 / John Sieger

I Wanna Blow

Click: I Wanna Blow

More Cadets from West Hell. We wound up cutting most of the tracks for our only record, Top Happy, at John Kishline and Deborah Clifton’s spacious loft. This was more of demo session, with Mike Hoffmann twirling the knobs. I love this song and how the Cadets played and sang it. It had sprung from my head almost wholly formed one summer as a deep romantic funk was descending from on high. I had moved in with my good friend Mike Judy and we both were in a beat down state of mind. His apartment was in a state too, thanks to my dog, Birdie and her flea boarders. I’ll say as little about that as I can, but it definitely added an itchy element to the funk. The horn line was in my head from the beginning and Bob Jennings nailed it on this recording. I had always wanted a foghorn, like the one in Van Morrison’s Into The Mystic, for one of my tunes and I finally got it in this tune. To this day, I cannot count the intro and outro, If I had to write it out for someone, I would be doomed. To learn it, I just played it a couple times for the band and they used their god-given musician’s ears to pick up on it. Any music majors out there who can explain what the heck is going on there time-wise gets a free one week subscription to Tune Du Jour!

© 2011 John Sieger


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  1. Richard Fitzgerald / Aug 29 2011 9:12 am

    John, Great song. Probably the easiest way to count the intro: The drum cue would be beat 4. Then counting in sixteenth note increments, the first part would be one measure, i.e. one -e – & – a, two – e – & – a, three – e – & – a, four – e – & – a, ; then the time cuts exactly in half. A slow loping four probably counted easiest in eighth notes, as one &, two &, etc. Try it.


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