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August 24, 2011 / John Sieger

I Can’t Imagine—Number 300!

Click: I Can’t Imagine


Old, old, old song. Before there was a Semi-Twang or an R&B Cadets, even before I met Michael Feldman, my first band did this one in various bars around Kenosha. Being such an artifact, it has one or two lyrics that bug me, but not enough to change—it feels like altering history at this point. Why touch up old photos? This is a snapshot of the artist as a young man and I’m glad to say there is enough right with it to allow me to play it to this day. This Semi-Twang rehearsal from almost two years ago sounds OK to my ear. Pay attention to Jason Klagstad on the solo, you can hear why he is considered a hot shot and a ringer in this town—he has serious chops and he deploys them tastefully on this song. The rest of us lay low in the weeds and every once in a while, someone pops up to add their two cents worth. But everyone focuses on the song and the result is something that feels as comfortable to me as an old pair of jeans. This blog is number 300 and dedicated to Jan Eder, who was at a lot of Semi-Twang show in the early days and was often heard from on the little stop in the last verse.

© 2011 John Sieger


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