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August 22, 2011 / John Sieger

Remember Me

Click: Remember Me

Proof positive that I have lost my mind: I cannot find an earlier post of this song and it’s an absolute staple in my solo set. If someone asks me to play one song solo, it will choose this one. Yet, 298 damn songs into TDJ, I have yet to post it. I’ve even posted songs I’d like to un-post, embarrassing experiments that were somehow more  fun to write about than listen to and demos so rough and patchy I had to apologize for the poor quality. All I can say is, I am working against myself sometimes. This song gets played a lot because it has entered the hard-to-screw-up category. It’s based on an easy to play descending pattern—when I forget how it goes you can be pretty sure I won’t be able to tell you my name. The title is simple and every time I log into I see it right below my password. I have many recorded versions of this and may be posting a few sometime soon. There’s one I like from Live At Bob’s with Mike Sieger and Kelli Gonzalez from The Subcontinentals harmonizing nicely and Bill Dwyer working his fretboard magic. There is another I recorded with Robin Pluer adding a harmony that has a mandolin intro. Somewhere the original demo, recorded in the late ’80s in Semi-Twang’s loft, is sitting on a cassette waiting to be digitized. What we are listening to today is a rehearsal for my Hiatt opener last year. I had an acoustic miked up and the pickup running through a tiny Fender Vibro-Champ amplifier to add a little warble. That also allowed me to control the volume so I could hear myself—acoustics are notoriously hard to get a good sound out of on big stages. It was a technical run through as much as performance, just so I could stay in my comfort zone. Of course the first thing I did at the gig was run out on stage without my set list! I had to backpedal a little, but the gig went well and, listening back to these rehearsals, I find I like them. Hope you do too.

© 2011 John Sieger


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