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August 13, 2011 / John Sieger

This Here’s A Groove

Click: This Here’s A Groove

I remember writing this a long time ago. It was somewhere in the overlap between the R&B Cadets and Semi-Twang. This actually caught a little more of the Cadets groove, (could it be the title?) even as things were heading in a Semi-Twang direction for me. You can’t order your muse around! I recall having that first verse, “Hey you! Whatcha doin’? Are you ready? That’s good!” It seemed laughably simple and organic, like some thing you would drop in conversation. The the kicker, “Cause this here—this here—this here’s a groove” just seemed to sum up how I felt about music and life at the time. There was energy to spare and it felt like music was just flowing through me.  It took all of 10 minutes to finish. I think we tried it in Semi-Twang and even did it a few times, but then it sort of languished in no-man’s land for a decade and a half. It got dusted off by The Subcontinentals and, during a photo shoot in our backyard, we started goofing on the end part: “I’m groovin’—I’m groovin’—I’m groovin’—I’m groovin’—I’m groovin’—I’m groovin’—I’m groovin’—I’m groovin’—I’M GROOVIN’!” (A total of nine, if you’re keeping score.) Some sort of vocal paradiddle and, when you repeat four times, it seemed to tie a nice bow on the whole package. It’s really fun to sing harmony with Mike and Kelli, there is something about being one of the voices in a choir of any size that just lifts you. I’ve fantasized from time to time about starting a vocal quartet and really working out the harmonies. In this town I would love to attempt it with Robin Pluer, Mike Sieger, Kelli Gonzalez. There are others of course, but time doesn’t allow me to actually act on it. So the fantasy stays one… for now.

© 2011 John Sieger


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