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August 12, 2011 / John Sieger

You Got To Love Me

Click: You Got To Love Me

The Bo Diddly groove (shave and a haircut… two bits) meets Buddy Holly’s West Texas rockabilly the result?… one of my favorite songs, Not Fade Away. It’s just so authoritative, “I’m gonna tell you how it’s gonna be. You’re gonna give your love to me.” That’s an order, not a suggestion, from a young rocker taking the ultimate cocksure stance. I have admired that song in the original and Rolling Stones’ versions. Today I watched The Byrds on Youtube as they took a crack at it. (McGuinn, push those glasses up your nose!) The song is indestructible and most likely immortal. After years of playing it myself in many a band, I came up with I would call an analog version. It’s not the same, but it isn’t all that different! The commanding and confident singer is, oddly enough, me. The rhythm is a variation on Bo and the feel is well expressed by The Subcontinentals. Listen to drummer John Carr tear into a couple tasty fills and guest Steve Cohen enforcing the order with some mean blues harmonica. I like the result even though I would remix it in a second if I could. I could say that about a lot of my songs because it’s just  so dang hard to capture ‘live’ in the studio. Most musician’s will tell you there is nothing to compare with the feeling of playing live. At a Semi-Twang gig the other night, we had perfect weather, a brilliant mix and Willy Porter joining us for a little fun. Add two buildings just the perfect distance from us to create a slapback echo that absolutlely lived and breathed, and we were good to go. With circumstances that perfect, it’s hard to make things sound bad. So you sit back and enjoy that all too rare experience of floating song after song out into a perfect night and listening to it bounce back to in a glorified echo chamber.

© 2011 John Sieger


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