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August 11, 2011 / John Sieger

Down At The Club

Click: Down At The Club

NOTE: “Your computer isn’t broke, the “u” in Moulin is missing!

Perhaps the pendulum that swings between dark (artsy) and light (fluffy entertainment) goes a little too far in my mind. Yesterday’s post had that nihilistic and dreary thing in spades, while this unreleased Subcontinentals track is so light a butterfly could knock it over. Silly rhymes and a lustful, lacivious and lewd story line—yeah, that might disqualify it in the world of self-serious music. I will talk to my spirit guide Roger Miller about this conundrum. He could write the greatest novelties of the century, songs like The Moon Is High (And So Am I) and You Can’t Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd, then turn around and floor you with a deeply serious beauty like Husbands And Wives. If he could dance on either side of the fence, please allow me. This is not my most skillful production, though I am very fond of the arrangement, with its stop and start nature and the funked out clavinet sounds. But the reverb on the voices and the drum sounds make it sound all wrong… like a cheap ’60s production, but not in a conscious and artful way. Singing like birds in the background are Mike Sieger and Kelli Gonzalez. This deserves a do-over and it’s on my list as soon as I win the lottery.

© 2001 John Sieger


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