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August 9, 2011 / John Sieger

Such A Find

Click: Such A Find


From Quiver, a simple love song, written at a time when many of the songs I came up with fell into the unrequited category. While most of the songs on that CD have a sad vibe, this one and Ice Turns To Steam are happy songs. The worst kind of happy songs are usually written by people fresh out of rehab and ready to share their joy with an unsuspecting world. I don’t know what it it is about heartache and trouble that makes for better songs, but it’s pretty undeniable. This one escapes that terrible fate somehow, with another patented set of chord changes—it doesn’t even start on the I chord! This creates a restless feel and perhaps adds some complexity to a straightforward idea. The lyrics sound negative: “I’m not here to make you like me and I don’t have have some axe to grind,” but the message is simple—this guy has stumbled into something wonderful and true. I believe this is possible and it should happen to you. Mike Sieger gets very melodic in the instrumental section—it’s as close as he ever got to playing a solo. The world currently needs less bass solos and Mike, upright citizen that he is, is doing his part.

© 2011 John Sieger


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