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August 7, 2011 / John Sieger

It’s Not The World

Click: It’s Not The World

Pop changes and a plaintive kind of vibe. That pretty much describes Quiver, intended as a Semi-Twang follow up but, as it turned out, that would take a bit longer. Faux George Harrison solo and some harmonic ideas stolen from, believe it or not, Otis Redding. He avoided minor chords out of necessity—his guitar was tuned to a major and he played with one finger, barring across the fret like a movable capo. Great musical effect though, and certainly worth stealing. Internal rhyme, perhaps a little too manufactured, but again, I was stealing a page from artists like The Beatles and Jonathan Richman. This was done at the height of my pop fascination—soon after I rediscovered roots music and Basement Tapes weirdness and let them all back into the room. This is a very good example of what Semi-Twang could do on a pop tune, though the drummer on this isn’t the dependable Bobby Schneider, who was starting his family and abstaining from music.  Joe Bonadio, who has been in NYC so long you can no longer call him a Kenosha native, took over. He is the closest thing to a drum machine I have ever heard, for a non-robot. His time is startling in it’s precision, yet somehow it doesn’t sacrifice feel. For a good example of how he sounds 20 years on, listen to the latest Roseanne Cash recording, where he is featured on about half the songs. His shuffle is impeccable.

© 2011 John Sieger


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