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August 1, 2011 / John Sieger


Click: Moving

From an idea by a very young Sam Sieger, redrawn recently.

If you think you’re standing still, think again. You are on a revolving planet, even if you are sitting in your Laz-E-Boy. That planet travels around a smallish sun and that ball of flaming hydrogen is hardly at the center of anything. It’s the of one of billions in the Milky Way, a galaxy that spins around a giant black hole. If that was the very center of the universe, we’d still be a long way from it. The fact that the Milky Way is one pretty average galaxy in a universe of countless billions, all of them expanding to fast to explain, starts to make you feel like there is no place to put your foot down to steady an attack of the cosmic whirlybirds. You’re absolutely right. How this rumination turned itself into a song in my head is anybody’s guess. I do know that, as insignificant as it makes me feel, it is still a wonderful image to hold in your head for a while. One of the more cosmic bass players in Milwaukee, Mike Frederickson, helped me do a quick demo of this last week. It turned out nothing like I envision a finished production to be, but you will get the idea. To get this one absolutely right, I’m holding out for Sir George Martin. If I can’t get him, I will settle for Jeff Lynne, who does a pretty good imitation. Call me guys!

© 2011 John Sieger


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