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July 31, 2011 / John Sieger

Two Drops Of Rain

Click: Two Drops Of Rain

More Trooper and, quite honestly, I remember him doing all the heavy lifting on this one. But my name is on it, dammit! That makes it TDJ material and pretty deluxe, to boot. It’s from Popular Demons, produced by Buddy Miller, and is one of three co-writes I had with Greg on that CD. Appropriately, it was raining all day and while I was writing this, there was more on the way. Rain as a metaphor gets used often in songs and for good reason. Take it from someone whose mood is tied directly to the amount of sunshine he sees, nothing says “I got the blues” like a well turned rain metaphor. I like the spin Greg came up with on this—people as raindrops. In the Bugsby Berkely era there would have been agreat dance number with costumes. Greg delivers the cream once again, a warm soulful vocal. He does that and funny pretty well, that’s why he flies all over and sings to people, they’re an unbeatable pair.

© 2011 Greg Trooper/John Sieger


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