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July 30, 2011 / John Sieger

Real Like That

Click: Real Like That

In Nashville the rain drops straight down. You could plumb a wall by it. Unlike Milwaukee, when a storm blows through, the humidity and heat return like nothing has happened. I was very impressed with the weather when I lived there. Summer was almost as heartbreaking as winter is here. Call it reverse cabin fever—heading inside to avoid the mind-meltingeat. So, moving on… this phrase, “straight down rain” somehow got stuck in my head, along with the title and Troop and I made up this little song. He delivers it with his usual panache and it’s here in honor of our hosts Greg and Claire, who are putting up with us this weekend in Rockaway, home of the damn Ramones! The song appeared on a great CD, produced, like Floating, by the amazing Phil Madeira, who plays anything that makes music and is now employed by country goddess, Emmy Lou Harris. So guess what Troop named the CD? Straight Down Rain!

© 2011 Greg Trooper/John Sieger


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