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July 29, 2011 / John Sieger

Rusty Train

Click: Rusty Train

Here’s another Sieger/Trooper collaboration and it’s a real pleasure to listen to it again. It’s from Popular Demons and was produced by Buddy Miller. The players in Nashville are so amazing—listen to Al Perkins playing slide on Julie Miller’s toy guitar. If he can make a toy sound that good, what am I doing wrong with my real guitars? Tammy Rogers is the fiddle player, and she’s the real deal—she just lays into the solo. I have to mention Byron House, one of the best bassists Nashville has to offer, and remember, that town can boast Edgar Meyers! Mike McAdam the mandolin player was mentioned to one of my students today. I was teaching her In My Life by the Beatles and I remembered Mike playing the harpsichord solo note for note at a show we did! I am quite proud of the architecture of this song, it has a nice key change, nothing ground breaking, but it works. And, as usual, Troop lays down a smoky, soulful vocal.

© 2011 Greg Trooper/John Sieger


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