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July 28, 2011 / John Sieger

Rose With You

Click: Rose, With You

Kind of looks like Tony Bennett, too.

Greg Trooper and I wrote this and he put it on his CD Floating. My family is spending the weekend with Greg and his wife, Claire Mullally, who sings the lovely harmony on this song. To round things out, his son Jack, who is already a hotshot on drums, gets to hang with my son, Sam, who is no slouch himself on the skins. They go way back, to when Jack was about three and Sam was six. Great pals. I am playing with Greg this weekend and we expect to just hang a little in the land of The Ramones, Rockaway Beach. Claire is a great cook, from a big Irish family in Brooklyn and Greg is a Jersey guy. They are the most “east coast” people we know. The song du jour is another dang waltz, meaning it was viable up to about 1953. I am out of step with history. Fortunately, Greg brings it up to date with his voice which is pure cream. I have called him as the The Tony Bennett of Americana Music, which I think he likes better than being called Joe Pesci! That has happened. I’ll post some more of our songs in the coming days in honor the Troop/Mullally clan. See you in Rockaway!

© 2011 Greg Trooper/John Sieger


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