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July 26, 2011 / John Sieger

Rock Ability

Click: Rock Ability

Part two of my rumination on forced retirement. Anyone past the age of 27 who plays rock’n’roll or isn’t dead, should be. That’s kind of the consensus and unfortunately that perception was reinforced with the loss of the brilliant Amy Winehouse last weekend. Of course that topic is to big to even begin to discuss here, it might be a whole book, but her talent was real. Sadly, it only applied to music and not the simple act of survival. There will be many less talented artists who live to be 100 years old and that’s a shame, because we will be missing a lot of beautiful music. This song poses the question, what if you want to do good work and live past your salad days? What then? I wouldn’t even dare to approach a topic like this in a song if I didn’t feel the music could deliver. This one employs a  pun on “rockabilly” and tries to match it up to a piece of music that might have been written in the ’50s. Does it work? Not my call, but I hope you think it does.

© 2011 Johnny Rockin’ Sieger


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