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July 25, 2011 / John Sieger

Growing Old Gracefully

Click: Growing Old Gracefully

Rock and Roll is certainly a young man’s game. You have to acknowledge that by the time you’re 30, not to mention 40, 50 and beyond. The Rolling Stones may get to have it both ways, but they are the Stones and we aren’t. Still, as this track from El Supremo argues, why not rock a little, even if dignity is no longer an option. Chances are it never was, anyway. Some of my role models for people doing it past the point of diminishing returns are the aforementioned Brits along with artists like Muddy Waters, Emmy Lou Harris, Neil Young and Allen Toussaint. They prove there is a way to keep loving music, stay creative and do good work as long as you are living and breathing. I just saw Emmy Lou and I can attest the fact that nothing about her seems over in any sense of the word. Her voice is better than ever and she is at a creative peak. This song was true when I wrote it about 15 years back and it’s still true. If anyone doesn’t like to see someone past the age of 21 having a little fun, they better avert their eyes next time I play. The band on this cut is the same as the one on Just Getting By. On El Supremo I missed two very important credits, a shameful ommission I regret to this day. Gwil Owen was left off the writer’s credit for Just Getting By and Joan Besen, who was extremely supportive and helpful, did not receive the co-producer credit she deserved.

NOTE: I posted a solo rehearsal of this a while back, but I wanted to get the version from the CD up because, again, Bill Dwyer is smokin’!

© 2011 John Sieger


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