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July 24, 2011 / John Sieger

Just Getting By

Click: Just Getting By

Happy Birthday Gwil Owen! My present is correcting this post! Yes you co-wrote this song and I am the lowest of the low for having a dang mental block and not mentioning you! Like Paul Schaffer said in Spinal Tap, “Please kick my ass!”

The word badass applies to Bill Dwyer and it isn’t just his lead playing. Listen to the intro and you will hear a guy who takes a fair amount of pride in his shuffle. He should, it’s world class. Sadly, this great galloping rhythm is being left on the scrap heap of popular music—I have yet to hear a Katy Perry shuffle and most young alternative bands are in love with metronomically straight eighth notes. It’s really a shame to see this rhythm receding in the rear view mirror, there was a time when pop embraced the shuffle and Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, who nobody would call a bluesman, loved it and employed it often. I Wish They All Could Be California Girls is a sterling example. This recording was done in Nash-Vegas at Sony Tree’s demo studio. It was a first class operation on their dime. At the time Green Bay native Greg Dorschel was there and we were trying to get old J.S. a pub deal. So first class studio and great players like Bill, Joan Besen and Dave Jacques who delivered the goods on four of my songs that eventually wound up on El Supremo. Sony passed, but I walked out with four stellar tracks including this tale of a musician who can’t buy a break. Maybe I am a little autobiographical from time to time.

© 2011 John Sieger


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