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July 21, 2011 / John Sieger

I’m Afraid Of Girls

Click: I’m Afraid Of Girls

OK, we’re starting to get ridiculous on the back nine here. As of today, it’s two-sixty-five down and one hundred to go. Quality control, while not abandoned altogether, might be a little iffy from time to time as that finish line grows closer. I wrote this because it seemed  like a funny thing to say that might also contain a grain of truth. People do terrify each other, don’t you think? I have my own peculiar brand of social anxiety, having nothing to do with romance but rather the opportunities a musician has to meet more people than he can keep straight. The faulty Rolodex that is the brain can can only hold so much info, so awkward encounters with people who you can’t attach a name to are frequent. You get to smile and use this phrase more often than you would like: “Hey Man!” (My family hates that when I do it… to them.) I apologize—but I’m also asking everyone in the world to wear name tags so we can lick this thing. That particular awkwardness is a small cross to bear compared to the poor lad in this song who suffers from girlphobia,. It’s raging out of control. It might have been brought on after a few rejections or blind dates gone wrong. Who knows? All we know is that a great big, full grown man is sent into a state of shivering panic at the sight of the fairer sex—all five feet of her. The halting rhythm is meant to express that, or it would have if the performance had a little more oomph. Unfortunately, this demo remains little more than a sketch. I will make up for it in future posts that will be absolutely Spectorish in their production values. I swear.

© 2011 John Sieger


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