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July 15, 2011 / John Sieger

Please Depart-Live At WMSE

Click: Please Depart

A sudden change of plans had me departing for Wausau this morning with nephews Ben and Max in tow. If you are ever in that town, grab lunch at The Mint Diner downtown—it’s a classic. So, for my late breaking post, a new version of the song I wrote with Willy Porter. This weekend marks the 30th Anniversary of two fine Milwaukee institutions, WMSE radio and Bastille Days. If you live here, each of them will have provided you with priceless memories. That sounds cheesy, but it’s true. I remember playing Bastille Days in Cathedral Square at one of the earlier Bastille Day celebrations with The R&B Cadets. (Two performers from that band, Robin Pluer and Paul Cebar, are fixtures at this friendly street festival.) The city looked beautiful, the music bounced of the cathedral and and there was mid-summer magic in the air. Around the corner from Cathedral Square is the little radio station that could, WMSE. The Milwaukee musical landscape is tolerable, in a large part, because of this station, the people who work there (including Paul Cebar, who has a great show, Way Back Home, every Wednesday) and the music they play. This includes a little bit of everything and lot of local music. This Sunday, to help celebrate the anniversary, Semi-Twang joins Willy Porter at Bastille days in a special performance that includes this snarky piece of business I wrote with Willy and three other songs. I can’t praise Willy high enough, he does everything well, plus he’s a solid cat. This recording was made live at WMSE on Thursday. One last shout out to Billy Cicerelli, who engineered it and most of the great sounding live things done there. He is the master. Watch out for the pre-roll, though, the song actually starts about 12 seconds in!

© 2011 John Sieger/Willy Porter




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