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July 9, 2011 / John Sieger

The Things Some People Put You Through

Click: The Things Some People Put You Through

This song conjures up a lot of memories for me. It’s from Quiver, recorded in 1990 and finally released in 1993, just as my wife, son and I were headed to Nashville with everything we owned. It was intended as a follow up to Salty Tears, Semi-Twang’s debuit album. Little did we know the follow up would be 23 years down the line! I’m struck by a few things when I listen to this. One is the fact that this was the very best I was capable of at the time and the band did such a great job playing it. MIke Sieger played an Ashbory bass, a little thing with no frets, funny rubbery strings and a great big, almost acoustic sound. He owns the hook at the end of each verse. Speaking of hooks, Mike Hoffmann once again shows why he is sought after as a producer, as he helped me fill the song with memorable little bits, my favorite being the background vocals that seem to stop a beat early on the title line. The overall sad feel to this song and the CD was not faked. There were some personal losses we were dealing with at the time that made it hard to focus on the sunny side. I feel like it keeps the whole recording from being balanced, but sometimes life is a little lopsided. As for the title, I have since found that it’s mostly your own bad self putting you through things.

© 2011 John Sieger


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