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July 6, 2011 / John Sieger

Goodbye For Good

Click: Goodbye For Good

This is the last un-posted song from The Shaming Of The True. I am slowly getting every song I ever managed to write and record up here on the cloud. Which is the closest thing to organization my catalog has ever experienced. There are still many I cannot find. There are some from my earlier bands, Like The R&B Cadets that I would love to hear again, but I’m afraid I won’t. Organizing things this way may seem like a funny way to go about things, but it has advantages. I work well when there is a some structure and scheduling in my life and the blog appointment is quite good that way. It also forces me to doodle on a daily basis (resulting in things like today’s head-scratching masterpiece)and that’s a part of me that often lays dormant for months. I like writing a paragraph or so every day, it’s as close as I get to a journal. So when I get to the end of one of my CDs, I start to worry about this one-year concept and if I can keep it up. For now we have this song that features Frogwater, John and Susan Nicholson on resonator guitar and fiddle respectively. It marks the first appearance of a fiddle on one of my songs and it fits well. The lyrics are classic Feldman: “Screen door slammed so hard, you know my coffee shook.”

© 2011 John Sieger/Michael Feldman


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