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July 5, 2011 / John Sieger

I Married Money

Click: I Married Money


I often can’t listen to things I have recorded for a long time after I’m finished. To regain perspective after months of working on something can take more than a year or two. I listen to this now and enjoy it almost as if someone else had done it. That’s good because by the time I had finished The Shaming Of the True, the CD this is from, I was pretty sure I would never want to listen to it again. It was the first thing that I did mainly in my own studio, with drums recorded at Blue Planet in Nashville. I mixed it myself and went around the bend for a while trying to get it right. Listening to this song now, I still wonder if it’s good or bad. The idea in the title might communicate the wrong thing to the more literal listener, causing them to conclude that I actually did marry into a fortune. It’s more like good fortune and yes, this song is somewhat personal. To marry well is a blessing that is hard to measure—I think I did. To express that clumsily may cause me some regret, but I do like this melody and progression and I meant well. Phil Lee not only plays drums on this, he added the trumpet to the main hook you hear at the top, between verses and at the end. After three or four years, it gives me great pleasure to hear it all without the ears of a self-damning critic!

© 2011 John Sieger


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