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July 4, 2011 / John Sieger

Tete A Tete

Click: Tete A Tete

Happy 4th of July. I have no songs you might call patriotic, so here is one with a French title. They were very helpful during the American revolution and gave us the beautiful Statue Of Liberty. I know, it’s  stretch. The real reason I’m posting this song is that I had a request—a very rare occurrence—from my brother Bob. After I posted Nashville 2 Part Tragedy the other day and rambled on about duets, he suggested this one, which I sang with Robin Pluer on Top Happy by the R&B Cadets. I’ve always said tht if notes were targets, Robin would be dead center bulls-eye on every one she ever sang. She has a wonderful voice and deploys it with maximum soul. She specializes in the art of chanson, or French balladry, nowadays and I know it must have given her great pain to use the wrong pronunciation of this title. I sang it with a long ‘a’—tate ah tate—when it fact it is a short ‘e’ sound. I failed French in high school, by the way. This version is from the sessions for our Twin Tone debut. It was the only recording the R&B Cadets ever made and it had a lot of great songs on it, I’m sorry to say. Still, I still get to sing with Robin on occasion and it never fails to give me a thrill!

© 2011 John Sieger


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