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June 26, 2011 / John Sieger

Love Knocks The Wind Out Of You

Click: Love Knocks The Wind Out Of You

This is from *Live At Bob’s. It was the last song of the evening, which explains the funny little tag at the end from guitarist Bill Dwyer. I believe this song is #241 for Tune Du Jour, which puts me pretty darn close to the 2/3 mark. Making it to a year is looking more and more daunting, but I am still going to try. I’m feeling a little tapped out right now, like anyone would after a couple hundred songs, and a busy summer is complicating my life. Further complications arise with a trip being planned with my wife for September that will have us on the road for about a month. One of our stops will be Dillon, Montana where I have a gig with Bill, a too rare treat for me. Joining us, we hope, will be bassist Dave Jacques from Nashville. He will be in playing nearby that night with John Prine and we hope to scoop him up after the show. So the daunting task of preparing enough posts ahead of time or getting them together on the road is staring me in the face. Wish me luck! Back to the song—this is another of my “Nashville Pop” songs. I was writing them a year or so before we ventured to that town and continued creating them down there. The idea behind these tunes was trying to find a sweet little intersection where country, folk and pop met. It had been done before by others—as gold standards and inspiration there were songs like “Everybody’s Talking At Me” and and “Witchita Lineman.” Songs that had foot on either side of any fence you could put up. It wasn’t simply a genre exercise though, I was really feeling these songs at the time. I tried to make them harmonically interesting and have the lyrics scan in a kind of poetic way. Later, I was able to get Bill and my brother Mike to help me flesh them out at Bob Druker’s house for one of the most satisfying shows I ever performed.

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© 2011 John Sieger


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