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June 20, 2011 / John Sieger

She Came Through For Me

Click: She Came Through For Me

I am now into the taxing part of this Tune Du Jour business. While I can still pop the occasional song off of a CD here and there, I have many that need to be rerecorded or burned. I wouldn’t want anyone to hear the more raggedy demos I seem to have an abundance of. They suffer from a variety of ills that range from hurried production to less than stellar performance. A lot of them I listen to I know I can sing better. Some were done immediately after I wrote them and you can hear me still trying to figure them out as the tape is rolling. These are all things I would rather not share, so it’s down to the studio with lyrics in hand to cut songs like She Came Through For Me. I may not come up with something of record quality, but there will be an improvement over the ones we won’t be sharing. This tune is about ten years old, written during a song jag that started after 9-11 and continued for about a year. The blues, basically, with a thankful slant and a fancy chord Muddy Waters would have scratched.

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