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June 18, 2011 / John Sieger

She Shines

Click: She Shines


This seems to have been a week of forgotten songs. You really don’t forget them once they are written, (some you wish you could) but they do seem to hide somewhere in a shadow. When Mike Feldman reminded me of this song during the week, it came back instantly and I asked him to try to scare up an old demo. Scare turned out to be the operative word—when I heard the adenoidal post-teen I was back then, I knew I had to redo it. So fresh from my little room with a VU, here is today’s tune. It was right near the beginning of our collaboration that we wrote this and by then I was pretty convinced Mike was the second coming of Moss Hart. This one must have sealed it. A very direct love song, nothing fancy in the lyric department—but try to write something like this. You’ll see it’s much easier to write a lot of words that don’t add up than it is to write a few that can touch people.

© 2011 John Sieger/Michael Feldman

NOTE: Hats off to Andrew Feller for his trailblazing HTML links that now allow me to sell my songs from this site. If you look above this post you will see the newly redesigned Discography page. I renamed it Music For Sale, Dang It! Click on any CD cover on that page and we’ll fly you to either CD Baby, iTunes or the Semi-Twang website for a shopping spree.


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