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June 16, 2011 / John Sieger

Reasonable Girl

Click: Reasonable Girl

I keep finding stuff. I’ve been writing songs a long time and haven’t made nearly enough recordings, so sometimes the songs fall by the wayside and I can’t spot ’em in the rear view mirror. This is definitely a co-write with Perry Lamek, and a very sly lyric from him at that. I would never have thought of a reasonable girl for a song topic, it’s kind of funny to sing. Usually my songs feature people who aren’t reasonable. When you think about it, portraits of nuanced people who have achieved some sort of equilibrium just don’t hold your interest in a song. It’s one thing to get get sober or repent and another thing completely to sing about it. In this song, I like the sort of call and response structure of the verses and the potential for harmony. The double-tracked bridge also lifts it for me, I would love to have approached something Withers-like, but there is still only only Bill. This song was recorded during the extremely brief flirtation I had with a Roland Chorus amplifier, thus the funny guitar sounds. They really don’t sound as bad as I remember them. On a rainy day listening to this, I can’t help but feel something could have happened with a song like this but didn’t. The music biz… call me when you can explain it.

Note: Thanks to my pal and co-worker Andrew Feller I now have an archive and I’m hoping that, as of today, all of my posts will be searchable from any page. It appears in the bottom right corner and is auspisciously named The John F. Sieger Library Of Songs.

© 2011 John Sieger/Perry Lamek


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  1. mikey / Jun 16 2011 10:09 pm

    nicely nice

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