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June 4, 2011 / John Sieger

Summertime Has Its Charms

Click: Summertime Has Its Charms

A lullabye in 3/4. A pastoral setting. Sleepy, dreamy and obviously aimed right at radio if the year is 1954. With summer finally showing up, it seems like time to trot this one out. The original demo from a few years back has its charms too, just not enough to share. So this remake was cobbled together this morning. I could tweak the mix all day and dial the reverb in a little bit, but that breeze coming through the window advises me not to. Here are some summery things I did yesterday. Stopped at a rummage sale and bought a cast iron corn fritter mold. Makes seven ears. Rode our bikes to Ameritage and sat out on their patio where we sampled a cocktail called The Patio. It’s made with beer and lime and ginger liquer. Delghtful concoction. Rode back (slightly uphill) and arrived back at the ranch where the windows were open to a warmish breeze. There are times in the depths of spring (let’s not even conjure up winter) when you pray the air will never move again. Now it’s a pleasure to be tickled. Wisconsin in the summer—we get to laugh at the roasting hell the rest of the country seems to be. Now they envy us and our cool lake breeze. I know we will pay, but for now, socks are coming off for a few months. The garden is planted, lawn mowed, screens are up, gigs are booked, vacations planned  and summertime, if you haven’t heard, has its charms.

© 2011 John Sieger


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