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May 31, 2011 / John Sieger

I Come To Play

Click: Come To Play

Baseball weather arrived yesterday, almost two months into the season. Maybe that has something to do with my ambivalence towards the game, ut there are other reasons. Saturday I saw a band called The Baseball Project, a side project for some guys in other bands who really love the game in a non-ambivalent way. Mike Mills of REM played bass and sang his song Don’t Go Back To Rockville. I wish all baseball songs were as good as this one, which doesn’t seem sports related at all. He also sat in and sang I Am Superman with the opening act, The Mike Benign Compulsion. That was also great. Between The Baseball Project and the baseball songs I wrote on spec for Banshee Music a couple years ago, I am pretty much convinced the number of great baseball song will not be swelling anytime soon. This week, I will post some of my near misses and you can be the judge. My theory is that good sports songs have to be about something else first, like stadium classic Rock’N’Roll by Gary Glitter or We Will Rock You by Queen, before they can be adopted for baseball. They come preloaded with good will and affection, having already been hits. That always helps. The only exception I can think of is Center Field by John Fogerty. He is a true baseball nut and his song is catchy and fun. When Semi-Twang was on Warner Bros., we got to see a small office he kept there. It was  a chair and a desk with one small item on it—a book of baseball stats.

© 2011 John Sieger


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