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May 30, 2011 / John Sieger

I’m Being Pulled

Click: I’m Being Pulled

I wrote this yesterday morning on my new muse, a 1964 Gibson Country & Western and I have to admit, it feels like cheating. That guitar is pretty much doing everything, it’s like having a Steinway on your lap. Well, maybe not quite, because that sounds painful. Every time I write a waltz, I think of what a beautiful and completely extinct rhythm it is. You are not going to hear many on the radio nowadays and it makes me wonder what it was like to live in a time that wasn’t so relentlessly rockin’. Were people more well-mannered? Probably—but I bet they did all kinds of terrible things too. I try not to indulge in nostalgia, who’s to say things are better or worse? But you would think there would be just a little bit of room for the waltz in today’s world. As for today’s song, the idea of a strong attraction pulling you along seems to work, and yes, I am a scoundrel who seems to find his glass slide a little more often these days. There’s just something about it that is so effortless when you are trying to pretty up a track. I will make no claims for my playing or ask to be put in any blues guitar hall of fame. I yam what I yam, at least lately, and that seems to be a writer of archaic love songs a little out of time with the current thing.

© 2011 John Sieger


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  1. hess / May 30 2011 2:17 pm

    Yeah, well, I don’t really know about “all of that”…..Just finished toasting in the hot sun performing yardwork. Ahhhhhhhh……Now, chillaxing in front of a fan with a glass of crushed ice, a rock salt lined rim, filled most gratuitously with Cuervo Blue Agave and stirred – not shaken – with Grand Marnier. Gotta’ say the song suits this moment most perfectly. Nicely done….mellow yet refreshing. Maybe, I’m just living in the wrong century, too? Maybe, NOT? Anyway, cheers to Summer and simpler times – now or then – and in between!

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