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May 22, 2011 / John Sieger

Let’s Start A Band

Click: Let’s Start A Band

Written with Bill Lloyd, a sweetheart of a guy and one hellacious talent, this appeared on El Supremo. Bill is one half of Foster and Lloyd, who have recently pulled a Semi-Twang and reunited after twenty years. Those guys actually saw some radio action and are now getting very good response on their great new disc, It’s Already Tomorrow. Bill has a very interesting career—among his many cool gigs is an occasional show with Cheap Trick whenever they get the notion to play Sergeant Pepper note for note. Like I said, he’s a talent. This song was a bit of an oxymoron on El Supremo, but I had to have it on there so I could flout my oh-so-clever rhyme of “Pay off all the stations/Stop eating Kennel Rations.” Not profound, but not bad. When we used to play this live, I would do a fake band audition, playing every guitar riff I knew, from Day Tripper to Satisfaction. It would be nice to say it was a real crowd pleaser, but that would be gilding the lily.

© 2011 John Sieger/Bill Lloyd


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