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May 18, 2011 / John Sieger

Alone In This Cruel World

Click: Alone In This Cruel World

“Down the swisher, baby,” he hollered to nobody in particular as he pulled the handle.  He was then drawn slowly and excrutiatingly into a vortex, or what the average Joe or Josephine on the street might call a downward spiral. He was about to leave this mortal coil and his life flushed before his eyes as sang his favorite song, Alone In This Cruel Whirl. (NOTE TO SCIENCE BUFFS: He was in Sao Paolo, so he actually rotated clockwise.) I re-cut this song on Sunday because the demo I had was quite harsh sounding and I don’t mean the words. I would love to have some meaningful dialogue with a music major on minor chord substitutions for what Donny Thompson call “the money chords. In this case, they are E, D and A, familiar to anyone who has listened to pop music in the days since Van Morrison cut Gloria. I suspect Donny calls them money chords because you can insert them when you are out of real ideas and people usually respond rabidly. As for the fellow in the picture, things turned out OK for him—an expensive lady plumber was called to extract him from the stand pipe and they hit it off quite well.

© 2011 John Sieger


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