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May 8, 2011 / John Sieger

Lady’s Man

Click: Lady’s Man

Best wishes to all you mother’s out there. I have absolutely nothing appropriate for today, the most important holiday of the year. In fact, I feel bad posting this song because, even though everyone is some mother’s son, this guy singing it is kind of a cad. So remember, this is not in anyway related to this special day. The lyrics are by MF and it’s a waltz or a 6/8, depending on how you count or accent it. That spells commercial failure, as we are a long way from anything with a “3” in it being heard on the radio. Country might be the last place you heard this quaint rhythm which seems to conjure images of blacksmiths, lamplighters and other extinct species. It’s too bad, because there really is magic in that number. It is odd by definition and always throws a song off kilter. It skips where other rhythms walk or run and when you add anything slightly 3-ish to a straight 4/4 you get swing and shuffle beats. Bob Dylan went on at length (somewhat cryptically) in Chronicles about how it helped him reconnect with music during a long period in the ’80s when his career was starting to feel like a grind. Again, I wish I had something for all the moms out there, but this mother’s son has struck out.

© John Sieger/Michael Feldman

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