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May 5, 2011 / John Sieger

Happy Terror Alert

Click: Happy Terror Alert

So now the world is rid of a first class villain. You might disagree with the way it was done—he was unarmed, after all. But Bin Laden had no problem killing 3,000 unarmed and innocent people. I won’t spend a lot of nights wishing it had gone down differently.This does give me a chance to trot out, for one last time, a song inspired by the fallout from his misdeeds. It was written almost ten years ago, when duct tape was on every late night show getting laughs. This song is a good illustration of just how difficult topical songs are to write. Good or bad, they are instantly tethered to a particular moment in history. and when that moment passes, so does the need for the song. Among the many things I fault myself for on this one is never finding a way to sing the title that didn’t sound like “happy tare alert baby.” The good news is, if you concentrate on the rhythm playing, I think you will find I passed my audition to be Tommy Smothers Jr.

© John Sieger/Michael Feldman

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