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April 28, 2011 / John Sieger


Click: Sugar

This is one one of two songs I have written from a gold digger’s point of view, the other being Baby, Maybe Then, which is on the Subcoontinentals CD.I was going to sing this song in high falsetto voice, thinking that might convey more of feminine point of view—singing from a woman’s perspective somehow tickles my imagination. Sort of like dressing up in drag, musically speaking. The song is ten years old, but the demo I had wasn’t even close and can now stay in the dark closet it lives in. Last night I took another shot at it, suspecting there was a song in there somewhere, and it came out much better. I try on piano, always concentrating on keeping it simple, but I’m afraid I won’t be offered any keyboard gigs on the strength of this performance. Still it adds a nice texture—sometimes that’s enough. Be sure to brush your teeth after listening.

© 2011 John Sieger



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  1. hope / Apr 28 2011 10:20 pm


    • John Sieger / Apr 29 2011 5:33 pm

      A woman of few letters!

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