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April 23, 2011 / John Sieger

A Tendency To Leave

Click: A Tendency To Leave

The very thing some people dislike about country, the novelty, the corniness, the bad wordplay, happens to be the thing I adore when it’s done well. It’s hard to call a star like Roger Miller underappreciated, but no one places him in the Hank Williams bracket. I find him to be extremely clever, but a lot more than that. Aside from his hits, brilliant pieces of hillbilly nonsense that were always constructed with blinding precision, he produced his share of surprisingly profound songs, one being the amazing Husbands and Wives. This is one of my attempts at a bit of country corn, something you might, if you were being generous, label “Milleresque.” It’s the tale of a flighty lass who quite predictably takes flight, leaving the singer in a lurch and a befuddled state. Dang me!

© 2011 John Sieger


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