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April 22, 2011 / John Sieger

You Took Care Of That

Click: You Took Care Of That

“Permission to post partial song, sir.” “Granted.” Great, we got that out of the way. If this blog is going to stretch out for a year (and that’s a long stretch) I will definitely have to include sketches like this. What is it that stops a song about halfway? I wish I knew, cause I would have many more finished, including this one-verse wonder. I just listened to for the first time in a year or so last night and it seems worthy of further work. I believe I left it half done with the intention of having Kelli from the Subcontinentals help me with it. We just never got around to it. I do like the paranoid vibe, I believe I was going for my version of the great Bill Withers song Who Is He and What Is he To You?  If I could write something half as brilliant as that, I would be a happy man. If I could sing a tenth as good as Bill… well let’s not get carried away. The quality of this demo is as sketchy as the song. I left the blank second verse in there, maybe you have something you can sing to it.

© 2011 John Sieger


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