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April 20, 2011 / John Sieger

River Of Steel

Click: River Of Steel

GLARING OMISSION #2. I haven’t posted this song and I’m closing in on half a year of doing this nonsense! How could I skip over it?  This song is important to me for being first or second thing I wrote that I thought was worthy of singing—something I could put my name on and not be ashamed of. I was probably around 23 or 24 and had been writing songs for a while and they sometimes showed the strain of creation. Some were getting good, but still had flaws and others were actually a tad desperate and arty or something. This one was directly inspired by the group Little Feat and by Steve Young, a great singer/songwriter from Montgomery, Alabama. They both were good at mood pieces that dripped Southern Gothic. I was a Yankee, stranded in the north but enthralled with all the music that sprung up south of the Mason/Dixon line. Even then I knew you had to have a cool sounding town in your song, so I put Tomah in there. It sounded a little Tehachapi or Tonopah from the song Willin’ by Lowell George, but it was a Wisconsin town. The lick was and is a source of pride and it changes back and forth in the verse, so it’s kind of tricky. A couple of my friends started covering this back then and it was the first song I had covered by a national act, Tony Trishka and Skyline, a few years later. This demo is from Nashville and features Bill Dwyer playing a pretty soulful slide on it. All you truck drivers out there—this is for you!

© John Sieger 2011


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  1. Don / Apr 20 2011 11:43 pm

    Really excellent piece of work. Love the sound here – vocals, guitar -all really well done. Be proud!

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