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April 18, 2011 / John Sieger

Big Silver Moon

Click: Big Silver Moon

Among the many little projects I have thought about and have yet to act on, there is a pop album. You notice I didn’t say download or CD—that’s how far back this notion goes. Beatle-influenced baby boomers like me have an especially soft spot for that stuff. This song dates back to the loft sessions in the late eighties as Semi-Twang prepared for their second record. It was close to a song a day for a good stretch and a lot of them were very pop-ish. I was trying to make the chords and melodies a little more complex, using key changes like the one in this bridge. The Beatles, Brian Wilson, NRBQ and Todd Rundgren, among others, were on my mind and the way they slid effortlessly from one key to another and back was something I aspired to. Whatever mood I established in the song I didn’t want undermined by the lyrics—there is a noticeable lack of angst. The rest of the band does an amazing job, Mike Hoffmann’s finger-picking and Bob Jenning’s organ in the bridge are first rate. Mike Sieger’s bass is melodic and off the root half the time, another steal from The Beach Boys (and classical music!). It’s amazing to consider the amount of effort and thought that goes into making something sound casual and tossed off.

© 2011 John Sieger


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