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April 10, 2011 / John Sieger

I’m A Fool

Click: I’m A Fool

The lyric “young and restless” would be a extremely embarrassing if I hadn’t actually been both when I wrote this. I stumbled the first few times out of the gate and though I have been married a long time and hope to stay that way, I can still recall those days quite well. The rest of the song is easier to sing without turning red and I still feel good about it. I had my brother Mike singing harmony when we cut this in 1996 and he knew it quite well by then—we had sung it together when I wrote it in the late ’70s. This version is from an recording called El Supremo, which I recorded while living in Nashville, through the good graces of my friends and producers Joan Besen and Mike Poole. I got to combine the best of both of my musical worlds, using Mike on bass and vocals for much of the project and a crew of shockingly good Nashville, Toronto and Austin players. There is nothing clever about this song, it was never intended as anything but an expression of romantic regret and didn’t need to be overly original—that feeling is as old as time. Luckily, everyone involved in cutting this understood and played it for real

© 2011 John Sieger


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