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April 8, 2011 / John Sieger

The Sweetheart That You Used To Be

Click: The Sweetheart That You Used To Be

Written last night in the middle of a full TDJ panic:

Had this since last fall and was positive I had written, tooned and posted. But my search of the TDJ archives tells me otherwise. Finding it saved me from a serious existential crisis—beacause as this goes on, I am starting to fall behind! It’s an ambitious project and I thought I might be able to make a year’s worth of different songs every damn day. But it’s pushin’ 11pm on a work night, I’m tired and I just found this song… luckily! This will float me to the weekend when I promise to get out ahead of this thing. But man, it’s nipping at my heels! Anyway, the song is another tribute to the Bob D. sensibility I’ve tried to cop my whole life. Have you ever noticed there are no Bob Dylan impersonators working? Aside from Cate Blanchett’s hilarious send up of early, snarky Bob in the film I’m Not There, there’s just nobody mining that field. But there have been numerous next Dylans, including his own very talented son and the supremely cool Steve Forbert. But anyone can tell you that Bob is in that singular category occupied by other one-offs like Picasso, Monk, Louis Armstrong, Georgia O’Keefe, Joni Mitchell, Hendrix and Manilow. Kidding on the last one. This humble submission to the sweepstakes is just that, an attempt to channel the spirit of the guy who loved rock’n’roll so much he killed it. I’m going to bed, toon you in the morning.

© 2011 John Sieger

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