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April 6, 2011 / John Sieger

Big Stick

Click: Big Stick


You would think from the number of sports songs I have, that I am a big fan. I confess to being rabid when it comes to the Packers and luke warm on all other fronts. I watched some of the NCAA title game between Butler and U Conn, a game so low scoring I thought it was soccer. I turned it off with very little curiosity about the outcome. Call me tepid when it comes to baseball—I have never forgiven the owners or players for ending the season with a strike way back when. Minor league games are fun, mainly because they are so easy to ignore and a small park in the summer is a great place to be. The bigger the marketing of sports becomes, the less genuine it strikes me—and it’s never been bigger. A while back, I agreed to try writing on spec for a large marketing firm that has serious ties to professional sports. They knew that ownership of of a song like We Will Rock You could be a license to print money. Problem is, songs like that have to come from left field (pardon the play on words). You sit down thinking you will crank out that one or something like Gary Glitter’s Rock And Roll and you are dead in the water. Songs that are “re-purposed,” to use a heinous marketing term, sometimes work, because of the affection music fans have for a familiar tune. Songs created with the specific intent of pumping up beer sales at a game sound like advertisements. My sports songs now sit on the bench in an iTunes folder, victims of a temporary fake-out that had me “re-purposing” what I love to do for less than noble reasons. Having said that, I still like like this song. It whizzes by like a fastball but, unfortunately, it isn’t buried in over the top distorted guitars, a prerequisite for sports songs nowadays. I cut it with the great drummer John Carr and mixed it at Mike Hoffman’s House Studio, where we snatched home run off an internet sound effects library. This goes out to Prince Fielder, a truly larger than life personality who has sworn off meat, but not home runs.

© 2011 John Sieger


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