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March 28, 2011 / John Sieger

Making Everybody Cry

Click: Making Everybody Cry

Lord knows the world is not crying out for more songs about the dire state we are in. As soon as one disaster recedes, it seems like another, either man-made or natural, is waiting in line right behind it to break hearts. And it never seems to let up. The fact that you can write a song in the mid-nineties and wonder why it still applies today is a sad testament to the unbroken string of bad news from places like Bosnia and Rwanda to Libya and Japan. There isn’t much to be done about nature, but it seems human nature should be a little more perfectible. I’m running out of tunes that I can use and I certainly don’t want to turn into Johnny-One-Note if it has to be such a sad one. So come on world! I re-cut this one yesterday because the drum machine on my original demo was too drum machine-y. I wound up singing a slow first verse as an intro, then repeated it at tempo, so there are two first verses, really. If I do a more finished production, that little touch will probably be jettisoned. I could spend a long time trying to polish this, but it’s good enough to communicate the idea and perfection isn’t an option right now in this less than perfect world.

© 2011 John Sieger


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